Evacuation alerts broadened in BC's Fraser Valley due to flood risk

Postado Mai 17, 2018

Temperatures in Metro Vancouver were extremely hot this past week.

Access to Barnston Island is now restricted to residents, businesses and those with a family connection. Anyone with questions can contact Metro Vancouver's Information Centre at 604-432-6200, or icentre@metrovancouver.org. The BC River Forecast Centre, Environment Canada and Emergency Management BC continue to predict increasing river flows over the next several days, due to an especially early and rapid spring snow melt.

The Barnston alert came a day after a similar warning was issued in the Township of Langley.

The gabion dykes are going in around Paddlewheel Park and the City has issued evacuation alerts for 18 homes on Farrell Street.

Alerts are to advise residents that there is a significant risk of flooding in their area.

While residents of those areas have not yet been ordered to leave, campers staying at Edgewater Bar Campground were told to leave. Evacuation Alerts are issued to allow residents and property owners to prepare in the event an Evacuation Order is issued.

Residents of three properties were forced to leave their homes in the Carey Point area. Seven other properties are under evacuation alert.

A high streamflow advisory is still in place for the Fraser River, which was measured at 5.7 metres in Mission on Wednesday.

Chilliwack said Tuesday that those located within the city's dike system should not be concerned. They can not return home until the order has been lifted.

They're advised to know the location of all members of their household, and be prepared to help children, and those with disabilities or elderly people.

If time, residents should consider taking steps to protect their property from damage.