Oregon's Primary Election Is Today

Postado Mai 17, 2018

This budget year, county elections were November 17 for state amendments (1,659 voters, 3.1 percent of those registered); hospital district December 17 (7,600 voters, 14.3 percent turnout); and the state and local primary March 6 (9,128 voters, 17.2 percent).

Ada County election officials said Tuesday that they are delivering extra ballots to several polling locations across the state's most populous county.

In Sarpy County, school security concerns moved more than one-fourth of voters to new polling places for Tuesday's election.

Voter turnout was light for Nebraska's 2018 primary election.

Ballots went out to Benton County voters almost three weeks ago, but as of Monday afternoon, only 16,037 had been received from Benton County's 56,581 eligible voters for a turnout of 28.34 percent, according to the Benton County Elections Office.

Early voting comes to a close on Friday, May 18 at 5 p.m. when both polling places close.

Register in person at the Office of Voter Registration and Elections, 132 North Royal St., Suite 100, by 5 p.m. on May 21.

The Butler Radio Network will be airing live election return coverage beginning at 9 p.m. on WISR 680AM and WBUT 1050AM and online. At a Primary Election a voter may only vote in one party's primary. It is time for Black people to "Takeover The Polls" in every local, county, state and federal election in this country.

"If you want your voice heard in our democracy, the first step is registering to vote". Unless the voter changes his or her political party affiliation after voting and before the next primary, the voter is limited by law to voting on the ballot of the political party he or she is affiliated with.

The secretary of state's office couched the low numbers, noting even lower turnouts in other states' primaries.