Progressive challenger ekes out victory over former incumbent in Nebraska primary

Postado Mai 17, 2018

Republican Sen. Deb Fischer will try to earn a second term in November against Democratic Lincoln City Councilwoman Jane Raybould.

That's a major disappointment for national Democrats, who had banked on him making a comeback run this election.

Before Nebraska's first female governor - there was Virginia Smith.

The other Democratic hopefuls who ran were retired farmer, attorney and judge Frank Svoboda of Lincoln; retired Fremont real estate broker Larry Marvin; and Chris Janicek, the owner of an Omaha specialty cake business. Fischer held off four challengers to win yesterday's Republican primary.

In the gubernatorial race, GOP Gov. Pete Ricketts and Democratic state Sen.

He now faces state Sen.

Ricketts defeated Krystal Gabel of Omaha, a technical writer who advocates for medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

Democrats Vanessa Gayle Ward, an Omaha community activist, and University of Nebraska at Omaha instructor Tyler Davis were also seeking the nomination in their first bids for public office.

Progressive challenger ekes out victory over former incumbent in Nebraska primary

Jessica McClure held an early lead over Dennis Crawford in another two-person matchup between Democrats vying for U.S. House, in the Lincoln-centric 1st District.

Fortenberry was unopposed in Tuesday's race. True, Barack Obama carried it 50 to 49 percent in 2008 - but that was 10 years ago and in an election where Democrats won the popular vote by 7 percentage points.

Murante defeated Taylor Royal, a certified public accountant from Omaha.

(Lincoln, NE) - Governor Pete Ricketts will face a state lawmaker as he seeks a second term.

Royal, who ran unsuccessfully for Omaha mayor past year, pointed to his experience as a financial adviser and accountant as a plus for the job.

Nebraska's marquee races for governor and U.S. Senate shook out as expected Tuesday after polls closed for the state's primary election.

The potential problem for Democrats is that Eastman's outspoken liberalism may turn off general-election voters in Nebraska's 2nd District, which, while not ruby red, is still red.