Quebec City protesters promise 'day of disruption' as G7 talks begin

Postado Junho 09, 2018

The Quebec City protest that was declared illegal by authorities and at least three protesters were arrested.

Flanked by armed riot police wearing heavy armour, protesters shouting slogans thronged the streets outside Quebec City's convention centre, where the summit is being held. Up till now the protests have been calm. It's impossible to predict how (protesters) will act and how police will react. She said that she would stay open with barricades and her only worry is night time. The president has also said he is considering a tariff on imported cars. The artwork here is made by hand and not machine - you can't just re-make it the next day.

The two-day meeting is nowhere near the protests, taking place about 120 kilometres to the northeast of Quebec City in the Charlevoix region. - Denis Breton, protester from Quebec City. Simon has worked as a freelance journalist for almost a decade and written for The Ottawa Sun, the Vancouver Sun and the Star.

"Police are trained to use force with flexibility and discretion".

A spokesman for Canada's Trudeau said that Ottawa's position against such a move had not changed.

The group organizing Friday morning's demonstration, the Anti-G7 Resistance Network, says it denounces the "imperialist, colonialist and anti-environment" agenda of the G7.

Leaders of the Group of Seven rich nations are set to clash with a combative Trump on Friday when they pressure him to lift sanctions on steel and aluminum they fear could lead to a trade war.

They said the fortified enclosure and security checkpoints would be intimidating to protesters, and noted that the site was some distance away from where the leaders will be meeting.

The protests, involving anarchists, anti-capitalists and environmentalists, were largely peaceful, but there was some trouble and tension between police.

"It's the free speech zone here, but we're just preaching in the desert, because in my opinion the G7 leaders won't really come here", said Sujata Dey of The Council of Canadians.

Staged by aid organization Oxfam, masked activists posing as G7 leaders mimicked household tasks in order to highlight women's unpaid labour and to push the G7 countries to improve social services such as childcare in order to relieve the burden placed on them.

Oxfam Quebec director Denise Byrnes said, "I think we have an opportunity this year with Canada's G7 presidency, which prioritizes women's equality, to advance on certain issues". "It's just easier to board up the store".