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Postado Junho 10, 2018

GOP Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who had signed on to an effort led by Senator Bob Corker to limit the president's authority to issue national security-based duties, now says he still supports the tariff-review plan but the timing might be better after the current round of negotiations. Congress would have 60 days to approve such proposals by a 60-vote supermajority, or else the tariff proposal would die.

"While we all agree on the need to ensure the worldwide trade system is fair for American workers, companies and consumers, unfortunately, the administration is abusing the Section 232 authority delegated to the president by Congress", said Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in a statement.

"Making claims regarding national security to justify what is inherently an economic question not only harms the very people we all want to help and impairs relations with our allies but also could invite our competitors to retaliate", he argued.

French believes "there needs to be a more appropriate balance on trade policy between Congress and the executive branch". Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who was considered one of a handful of Senate Republicans who met with President Trump Wednesday to speak commerce, mentioned.

The Trump administration last week announced it would slap steep steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the European Union. The implications of these tariffs are significant - on our own producers and businesses because of retaliatory tariffs we're now seeing and on our relationships with our allies who could use the same claims of national security to impose tariffs on us. They hurt American workers, families, and employers. "I hope my Democratic and Republican colleagues join this common-sense effort".

Bipartisan legislation was introduced yesterday (6 June) in a bid to rein in tariffs imposed by President Trump or any future administrations in the name of national security. "Instead, he should focus on building global coalitions to hold bad actors accountable and protect American workers", said Warner.

Khalilah said: "There's no necessary need for a pardon".

And other Republicans are anxious Trump is spending too much time making flimsy national security arguments and not enough time focused on legitimate national security threats like Chinese telecom ZTE, which the Pentagon and intelligence community have long maintained poses a national security threat because it can use its devices as surveillance tools.

For now, lawmakers might be skeptical about Trump's use of a tariff action that's only supposed to be used for legitimate national security concerns, but they are more focused on his having a strong position in the ongoing talks.

"I am a United States senator, and I have responsibilities and I'm going to continue to carry them out", he added.