Trump says he won't invite Warriors or Cavaliers to White House

Postado Junho 10, 2018

"We're not going to invite either team", he told reporters Friday morning.

Friday, Trump said that the eventual National Basketball Association champion - whether the Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers - will not be invited to the White House, per CNN's Jim Acosta.

His comment came in response to Monday's statement from the White House that disinvited the Super Bowl champion Eagles from a ceremonial appearance at the White House because the Eagles were sending a small delegation.

President Donald Trump shouldn't bother extending an invitation to whichever team wins the championship.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry might have opposing goals this week in Cleveland, but they agree on one thing.

"I didn't invite them", Trump said.

"I'm going to ask them to recommend to me people that were unfairly treated - friends of theirs or people that they know about - and I'm going to take a look at those applications", he said. "But I'm really proud of the people in this country who are recognizing what's happening and instead of turning this into a political game, they're just trying to do good deeds because that's what it takes".

But Trump said he'd be happy to host the Washington Capitals, who just won the Stanley Cup.

At separate press conferences, both James and Curry made it clear at that they would not be visiting the White House if invited.

Whether the Golden State Warriors complete the sweep in Game 4 of the NBA Finals tonight or if the Cleveland Cavaliers pull off the unthinkable and win it in 7, there won't be a championship celebration at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

James, who described Trump as a "bum" following the furore, said this week neither the Warriors nor the Cavs would be likely to accept an invitation after this year's NBA Finals.

Stephen Curry, who's LeBron's opposition on the court, is on board with him on the anti-Trump train.

"It's typical of him, I'm not surprised..." "There is a lot of things we believe in as Americans that we don't feel that he is for". I think that's important.

Taking the podium next, Curry said, "I think I agree with 'Bron, I'm pretty sure the way we handled things a year ago, we'll stay consistent with that". There I said it.

The result was one of the oddest White House events in memory.