E3 2018: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Announced

Postado Junho 11, 2018

Square Enix and DontNod announced a new game set within the Life is odd universe during Microsoft's E3 2018 briefing.

Return to your childhood with a touching and heart-warming, one-of-a-kind narrative experience, from the directors and development team behind the BAFTA award winning game Life is unusual. It is an adventure called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

Players will be able to assume the role of 10-year old boy Chris who dreams of becoming a superhero. Chris has a big imagination that will take him on all sorts of adventures, but on this particular Saturday something truly extraordinary will happen to him.

According to the developer, this is a standalone title so you won't have to play other games in the series to enjoy it. The studio is also working on a game with Bandai Namco entitles "Twin Mirror", which is set for a 2019 release, and "Life is unusual 2", which has no tentative release date yet. However, it does offer hints towards Life is odd 2, "you're clever enough to piece the clues together". Co-game directors Raoul Barbet and Michel Koch provide the commentary.

At Microsoft's E3 event today, the developer has taken to the stage to announce another game in the Life is odd universe, titled The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. We have created a self-contained narrative experience that's brimming with content - the deeper you dig, the more you will discover.