Origin Access Premier subscription tier announced

Postado Junho 11, 2018

PC owners will be able to subscribe to Origin Access Premier. This means you could play through game after game not only ahead of others, but without having to buy it on your own, unless you just wanted a more permanent copy.

Battlefield V - October 11, 2018 for Origin Access Premier, October 19 for everyone else. Well, aside from the one requiring you to use Origin Access Premier. Picking up each game as it releases could be a bit of a pricey endeavor, so it's good news that EA has announced its new Origin Access Premier option, a subscription service that allows players to nab brand new PC titles by playing a flat fee every month or an annual subscription.

Subscribers can play over 100 PC titles whenever they like as long as a Premier member is maintained. Anthem, Battlefield V, Federation Internationale de Football Association 19, and Madden 19 were all confirmed for the service, with access to the standard Origin Access library also under the subscription.

Yo dawg, EA heard you like all-you-can-play games subscriptions.

In the meantime, players can try out the standard Origin Access for free this weekend.

More details will be revealed later in the year.

It'll also include access to the Origin vault, with games from other developers available too. In India, Origin Access Premier price is Rs. 999 a month and Rs. 6,499 per year.

Full, unlimited access to EA games, starting five days before they release. No limited time trials. Play the full game starting five days before launch without purchasing it separately, until you cancel your Premier membership.