Robert De Niro Uses Profanity to Condemn Trump During Tony Awards

Postado Junho 11, 2018

De Niro, a staunch opponent of Donald Trump, dropped a couple of F-bombs on Monday night in New York City before raising his arms and encouraging the crowd to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

Actor Robert De Niro took the stage at the 72nd Annual Tony Awards Sunday night to introduce his friend Bruce Springsteen - but his introduction took a slight detour. "I'm going to say this: f-k Trump", he said.

Most viewers in the United States heard only the censored version of De Niro's biting statement against Donald Trump, which amounted to a long silence as De Niro raised his fists in punctuation of the expletive.

The audience responded by giving the actor a standing ovation.

De Niro, a noted liberal, has been increasingly critical of Trump, a Republican, at smaller show business events, but none have the high profile and audience of the Tony Awards.

Following the outburst, a CBS spokesperson told Deadline: "Mr. De Niro's comments were unscripted and unexpected".

While CBS was quick to catch the swear for US audiences, the word wasn't censored during the Australian broadcast.

He applauded De Niro.

On his show Friday, liberal comedian Bill Maher said he hopes the economy crashes in order to "get rid" of President Trump. "Boy, do we need that now!"

"I mean, this type of language is accepted in Trump's America", Seawright claimed. "I'd like to punch him in the face!"

Playwright Tony Kushner also shared De Niro's dismay of Trump saying it was a "the Hitler mistake" that put a "borderline psychotic narcissist in the White House. Who's gonna argue with him?"