Woman Who Kidnapped Teen As Infant Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison

Postado Junho 11, 2018

Williams later described the kidnapping during her sentencing hearing in a Jacksonville courtroom in May.

Her attorney Justin Bamberg said after: 'Kamiyah is now processing what it means for the woman she's known as (her) mother to receive an 18-year prison sentence.

The sentence, including five years to be served concurrently for custodial interference, marks another chapter in a sorrowful family tale that began hours after the birth of Kamiyah Mobley on July 10, 1998, at a Jacksonville hospital. Gloria Williams posed as a hospital nurse and took the 8-pounds-2-ounce infant from her mother's arms and drove away to a new life in SC.

Williams, who used fraudulent documents to raise the child as Alexis Manigo in SC, may not profit from her crimes while incarcerated, according to Aho. During last month's sentencing hearing, Williams said she didn't tell the girl her true identity until she discovered she couldn't get a driver's license because she didn't have a valid birth certificate or Social Security card.

'It's a very sad case and many people have suffered, including Ms. Williams.

According to news reports, Kamiyah did not attend Friday's sentencing hearing. Kamiyah has expressed confusing emotions about the woman she thought was her mother, and the biological mom she never knew. In order to build a relationship with her child, Mobley wants to make sure Williams won't be close by. After the loss of her pregnancy, she drove to Jacksonville from SC. She has professed sadness that Williams faces years in a prison cell, and had pleaded for a shorter sentence. In a statement issued to the news site, Judge Marianne Aho said no one came out of this case as the victor. She was suicidal, and is still hurting years later.

"I first like to thank God for the safe return of my daughter, Kamiyah".

Alexis Manigo was born as Kamiyah Mobley
Alexis Manigo was born as Kamiyah Mobley

"This young woman was abducted as a newborn, and she is going to need time and assistance to process all this", Williams said.

"I knew walking into [court] this morning that there would be no winners in this situation".

"I would like to deal with the emotional toll this ordeal has taken on my family", he said.

"I believe now that this is over, we can continue on our journey of healing together as a family and support our daughter on her decision making", Aiken told reporters after the hearing.

As part of her sentencing, Williams had to agree to not profit from her crime. Let's go.' I just couldn't.

Williams went to the Jacksonville hospital and looked at the babies in the maternity ward before she found the room of Shanara Mobley. "I can start my grandmama days and love my grandbaby as my own".