E3 2018: Nintendo predictions, rumors and expectations

Postado Junho 12, 2018

But Nintendo Switch owners have been left waiting for the popular battle royale game. There's no word if it will also be on their social media, but you can guarantee that the likes of Polygon and IGN will be hosting it.

If you're asking us what we want to see, we have five letters and a piece of punctuation for you: F-Zero. Fortnite on Switch has been hinted at for quite some time now, so further evidence to confirm this "pretty-much-confirmed" game coming to Switch is always welcome. It'll also be playable on Switch at E3 if you happen to be making it to the big show this year.

Back to third parties, which companies will be joining the Nintendo Fan Club at E3? However, with E3 officially kicking off this coming Saturday (9th of June) we'd be remiss not to think that Epic Games and Nintendo both have something up their sleeves.

If this announcement ends up being true, perhaps there will be several opportunities for intriguing crossovers between Nintendo brands and other content, though we won't know anything about that until potential release date, after all. This comes just days after the game was discovered on a Korean rating site. Apart from Fortnite, if this leaked document is authentic, few other games for Nintendo will also be revealed in the event.

A truck bearing some interesting art related to Fortnite has been spotted on the streets of Los Angeles, hinting at a possible launch of the Fortnite Champions Tour at E3 2018. The new changes are created to make game discovery a bit easier for Switch users.

This will commemorate the tournament that will be held next week and will be distributed in a Nintendo Switch News article on the Splatoon 2 channel on Thursday 7th June.