How To Unsend Messages On Snapchat

Postado Junho 13, 2018

If your "friend" really wants to shame you, they can just screenshot a message before you delete it and then blackmail you indefinitely.

Ever sent a Snapchat message that you wish you could take back?

When a message is deleted, other users in the same chat will be notified that a message was deleted.

Snap has also announced that its second-generation Spectacles are now available on Amazon.

The new feature is aimed at making people more comfortable sending sensitive information over Snapchat.

Until now, messages would only self-destruct after everyone in a chat group had seen it but the latest update allows users to delete sent messages regardless of whether they have been opened and saved or not. "Tap it and Snapchat will try to retract the message, though it admits it won't always work if the recipient lacks an Internet connection or updated version of the app", the report added.

To delete a message or media assets, such as a sticker or voice note, press and hold the message and hit the delete option - other participants in the conversation will be notified of the deletion.