‘I took bullets’: Weepy Dennis Rodman claims credit for Trump-Kim summit

Postado Junho 13, 2018

US President Donald Trump answers questions about the summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un during a press conference at the Capella resort on Sentosa Island Tuesday, June 12, 2018 in Singapore.

India on Tuesday welcomed the US-North Korea summit that sought to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula, but desired that any solution should address Delhi's concerns over the Pyongyang-Islamabad nuclear axis as well.

First dates are always awkward, so just how did the small talk go?

"I'm glad that President Trump finds Kim Jung-un a nice person and smart, but I think the businessman Donald Trump will soon remember that this is a shrewd negotiator and a person who is not reluctant to use bloodthirsty measures", he said.

Trump's statement was portrayed by critics as an unreciprocated concession.

A meeting between the leaders of both South Korea and North Korea in April also boosted optimism and intrigue in the city.

Before the start of the private meeting, Trump and Kim exchanged small talk in front of news photographers and television cameras, saying "We look forward to working this out together".

Seoul's presidential office told The Associated Press that it was trying to parse Trump's comments. The South Korean military seemed similarly surprised.

The US President also said that sanctions will remain in place until Pyangyong halts and dismantles its nuclear programme.

Trump told press yesterday that the US would "be stopping the war games", which he said would save the U.S.

But it does point to a major concession the North believes was won from Trump and which was also not included in the final agreement, saying "Trump expressed his intention to halt the USA -south Korea joint military exercises".

"We call them war games". Because of North Korea's variable seasons, which include cold and dry winters, Davis said the group hopes the recovery effort will yield full skeletal remains with identification cards still attached to uniforms. But I kept my head up high because I knew things were going to change. We will be saving a tremendous amount of money.

"I think that's one bit of history that's important for the United States and all regional partners to remember".

During his interview, Rodman discussed his conversations with the North Korean regime leading up to the summit. The U.S. has conducted those exercises for decades, not only as a show of unity with South Korea, but also to maintain readiness for an attack by North Korea.

From 1950 to 1953 the Korean War waged on.

Abraham Denmark, a deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia affairs during the Obama administration, said Tuesday that the United States has previously canceled military exercises with South Korea while attempting to negotiate with its neighbor to the north. The former reality-TV star seemed to turn a blind eye to the perceived human rights violations committed in the isolated authoritarian state, including "an nearly complete denial of the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion" and the use of prison labor camps, deliberate starvation, executions, and other methods of torture to deter dissent, according to a 2014 United Nations report.

That U.S. command said it had "received no updated guidance on the execution or cessation of training exercises".