Roseanne Barr Sorry for Calling George Soros a Nazi

Postado Junho 13, 2018

Barr apologized for that mistake, but added, "By the way, George Soros is a Nazi who turned in his fellow Jews to be murdered in German concentration camps and stole their wealth; were you aware of that?"

Roseanne Barr retweeted a negative comment about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, shortly after vowing that she was ready to make amends for 'the pain I have caused'. "His family was persecuted by The Nazis & survived The Holocaust only because of the strength & resourcefulness of his father, ' she said, alongside a link to Soros" Open Society Foundation.

Barr's remarks came after she posted a since-deleted tweet that falsely claimed that former first daughter Chelsea Clinton is married to a nephew of Soros'.

Alexander Soros said her lie was "odious", and wrote that his father, who was 13 when he was taken in by a Hungarian official, "did not collaborate with the Nazis.Roseanne Barr's claims are not just an insult to my father, but [to] all those who endured the Holocaust".

On Monday, Barr apologized to Soros. Soros was 14 years old in 1945 and hid his Jewish identity to escape Nazi persecution in Hungary. He told how he and other children were ordered by the Jewish Council to deliver deportation notices to local Jewish lawyers.

The conspiracy theory that Soros was a "Nazi collaborator" was spread after he discussed the incident in a 1998 "60 Minutes" interview, saying he didn't feel any guilt over it because he was 'only a spectator, ' according to the Independent.

Barr was also dumped by her talent agency, ICM Partners.