Companies remove A,B,O letters to illustration need for blood donations

Postado Junho 14, 2018

Health care organisations like WHO, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the International Federation of Blood Donor Organisations (IFBDO) and the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT), work jointly to organise international level programs to promote people globally.

It's part of an worldwide effort to close the gap on blood shortage and recruit new donors.

Today, the American Red Cross launches the Missing Types campaign, an global effort to encourage new blood donors, as well as donors who have not given in years, to give blood and to help ensure lifesaving blood products are available for patients in need. When the letters A, B and O vanish from everyday life, the gaps are striking.

Three-quarters (74 percent) of the public underestimate how frequently blood transfusions occur.* Most people perceive blood is needed in the USA every 15 minutes or even every hour or two hours when in fact, every two seconds, someone in this country needs blood.

US health officials say they need to collect more than 13 million blood units annually to meet the needs of patients.

Download the American Red Cross Blood Donor app, go to or call 800.RED.CROSS (800.733.2767) for more information. It's not just blood: it's keeping families together.

KSN spoke to a recipient today about how blood donations have helped her with cancer treatments.

"I know the NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox, but locally you're going to see a lot on social media and you'll see stuff at Hoffman's and Stewart's". "Give blood. Share life".

Those who donate at a One Blood drive can receive a free $10 grocery store or Walmart gift card and a free wellness checkup, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, iron count and cholesterol screening.

"South African big business has the power to change the fact that our country faces constant blood shortages, and save lives at the same time", she said.

The event celebration was first started in the year 2004 aiming to raise the public awareness about the need for safe blood donation and unpaid by the healthy person.

The blood emergency coincides with a push for donations ahead of World Blood Donor Day on Thursday.

The problem is that the blood supply doesn't always meet the demand.