Giant crocodile captured in Australia to stop it going to town

Postado Julho 10, 2018

The 4.7-metre male saltwater croc was caught in the Katherine River in the Northern Territory on Monday afternoon.

The saltwater crocodile is estimated to weigh more than 600 kilograms (1,300 pounds) and to measure out at 4.7 meters (15 feet), according to ABC News. At the gorge there are freshwater crocodiles, which are smaller and rarely harm humans. Mid-year is the peak tourist season.

Authorities had been hunting the giant crocodile for a decade, ranger John Burke said.

According to the government, the largest saltwater crocodile caught in a net in the region was pulled from Mary River in 1974. The largest crocodile caught in a "trap" was more than 16 feet, and the largest one "harpooned" by rangers was also more than 16 feet, it states.

"On record, this is the biggest saltwater crocodile removed from the Katherine management zone", he said, referring to the part of the river where saltwater crocs are captured because they get too close to the tourist areas.

"They were surprised because it's unusual to find a croc of his size in that area", she said.

"It's worrying, but it's good that they've got an active program and they've got active traps", he said. Then in May, rangers saw three crocodiles while surveying the land, according to the Katherine Times. Crocodiles are farmed for their meat and hides, but large and battle-scarred crocs are usually unsuitable for the handbag market.

Because saltwater crocodiles can live up 70 years and grow throughout their lives, reaching up to 7 metres (23 feet), the proportion of large crocodiles is also rising.