Victorian listeria death linked to strain in recalled veges

Postado Julho 11, 2018

The recalled vegies were sold at IGA, Aldi and Woolworths and include the brands Black and Gold, Bell Farms, Market Fare and Essentials.

A Victorian listeria death has been linked to a European strain of the disease which prompted this week's recall of 10 frozen vegetable products across Australia.

The latest food scandal to hit the United Kingdom involves supposed nutritional good guys the vegetables, who, instead of being nice and giving us vitamins and fibre, are now also delivering potentially fatal listeria infections to our overwhelmed freezer compartments.

Earlier this year six people sadly died, in New South Wales and Victoria, after consuming contaminated rockmelon, with the outbreak being traced back to Rombola Family Farms in the Riverina region.

The health department has been unable to determine if the patient had consumed any of the recalled frozen vegetable products.

The listeria bacteria can live in your system for 1-6 weeks and patients might only see the first symptoms after 3 weeks of being infected.

It is uncommon but can be unsafe for pregnant women, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has named 10 frozen vegetable products which pose a listeria risk.

According to the European Food Safety Authority, the outbreak has been ongoing since 2015 and has also affected Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden.

In late June, the Hungarian Food Chain Safety Office banned the marketing of all frozen vegetable and frozen mixed vegetable products made by the plant from August 2016 to June 2018, said the EFSA.

Those who have eaten the product and feel unwell should seek medical treatment.

The product contains frozen sweetcorn sourced from the Greenyard Factory in Hungary.