Love Island: Caroline Flack reveals the TRUTH about *that* kiss

Postado Julho 13, 2018

"There's nothing wrong with a little harmless flirt every now and again is there?" Laura said: "I have been today thinking 'what have I done?' I just don't want to be mugged off".

When Georgia and Jack came back from their date, they both had different stories as to what had happened. Is Georgia starting to believe her own lies?

In the clip below, you see Wes and Meg having their post-date kiss while Georgia and Jack are just getting up off their chairs.

Whilst Idris admitted that he had been "drawn to Georgia", Kieran made his move on Georgia by asking her for a chat in front of Sam.

To which the Scottish young woman replied: "Yeah, I think so". I'm a very loyal girl.

Sam can do nothing but watch on as his girl gets to know the newcomers and it seems he has mixed feelings on it. First of all there was the fact that Adam seemed to break almost every girl's heart in the villa, then there was the fact that Wes started pursuing Megan after weeks of being in a couple with Laura and, on top of that, there was the fact that Josh left Georgia for Kazamir when the boys were sent to Casa Amor. There's no one else in the villa for me.

Taking to Twitter, one fan raged: "Idris, you lying b*****d!"

Is this his wake up call to try and make things work with Laura or is he just playing the game?

She tells him: "I used to have a type".

Leaning on fellow contestants Jack Fincham, Wes Nelson and Josh Denzel for support during the tension with Laura, the London-born semi-pro footballer has now settled into the show and definitely has shown a more mature side than some of the contestants. It's been a bit up in the air the past few days. I care about you in the right way.

While the outspoken young woman insisted it was Jack who had gone in for the kiss, Jack told Laura he had meant to peck Georgia on the cheek.

Or will another catch his eye as he is forced to take some of the girls on a date?

Fingers crossed that Love Island clears things up in tonight's episode.