Thailand cave rescue: Brit divers who found boys 'deserve George Cross'

Postado Julho 13, 2018

The boys are expected to be released within seven days barring complications.

When the Wild Boars football team was located deep inside the cave, after being missing for a week, the Adelaide anaesthetist abandoned his holiday in Thailand and volunteered to help.

Some of the boys rescued from a Thai cave seen in hospital in Chiang Rai.

Initially isolated in hospital in Chiang Rai because of fears of infection, the boys have now been allowed to meet their families.

Rescue divers told BBC News the boys were heavily sedated during the rescue to prevent them from panicking in the water-filled passageways, which were barely large enough to fit through. "The cave was dry when we arrived, and within an hour and half it had already filled up by 2 to 3 feet and we were being pushed out", said Anderson, the son of missionaries, who was born in Syracuse, New York, and grew up in Ecuador.

After returning from a job in Scotland on Sunday, he messaged his friend and commercial diver Fernando Raigal who was involved in the rescue efforts, and Schnauer was called upon for help.

At around 10 p.m., Volanthen emerged from the waters around the mound and shone a torch into the startled eyes of the boys.

Now, the boys are in the hospital where new video shows them sitting up in their beds, their relieved parents watching them through a window. The navy has a motto: 'We don't abandon the people'. "But it's really the worldwide team I would like to focus on and the Thai SEALs".

Brown was impressed by the rigour of the planning by the Thai military.

"On behalf of the operation unit, we want to send our condolences to him and I do have to thank him a lot", he said.

Saman's death, the only casualty in the operation, was widely mourned.

Schnauer said they got about five minutes notice when a boy was near the cavern, and everybody would get tense in anticipation.

"The recovery process should take around 30 days after they are discharged", he added.

A former member of Thailand's navy SEAL unit died during a mission in the cave on Friday. They were then carried on stretchers through dry parts to the cave's entrance. The diving was over by this point, but still the way ahead was hard. "They are children being children, it was an accident", Narongsak said.

Although the boys spent nine days without food and more than two weeks in the dark, damp cave, they seem to be in good health.

There is still some uncertainty about the degree to which the boys were sedated before being escorted out.

Otherwise, they can submit a bachelors degree or diploma or ask for a special grant from the Thai government to get Thai nationality, he said.

"If it's not broke, don't change it", Brown said.

Isn't that wonderful? The Thai rescue mission has taught us one thing.

"I started to cry, everybody started to cry", he said.

"I was a little bit nervous, I have got to be honest".