CNN reporter demands camera time at Trump press conference payback

Postado Julho 14, 2018

A CNN executive is ripping Fox News correspondent John Roberts for promptly asking President TrumpDonald John TrumpGiuliani: Trump interview with Mueller "further away" ACLU calls for Trump officials to hand over info on immigrant children Kushner to join Pompeo for meetings with Mexican leaders MORE a question after the president attacked reporters from CNN during a news conference Friday, refusing to answer his question.

So reporters asked Trump about the jabs at a joint news conference with May. "I have a lot of respect for the prime minister. I don't take questions from CNN", Trump declared.

Trump also called out NBC.

Trump took multiple questions from reporters during the press conference in Chequers, U.K., ranging from his upcoming summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday to his recent interview with The Sun, in which he criticized May and questioned the possibility of a U.S. -U.K. trade deal.

In an attempt to defend his network's honor, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta requested to ask the next question, since Trump had "attacked CNN".

Trump publicly derided Acosta's network in declining to take his question.

Though CNN-bashing is no new thing for Trump, many wondered at the fact that he went out of his way during an worldwide press conference to insinuate that CNN is not a real network, and the fact that other media outlets allowed it to happen. CNN is fake news. He criticized the newspaper for not printing the positive things he said about May, although he later softened his stance when it was pointed out that the Sun released audio portions of the interview. "There are some fine journalists who work there and risk their lives to report on stories around the world".

"You have spent the week taking on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, criticizing Prime Minister May on her own soil, and I wonder are you giving Russian President Vladimir Putin the upper hand heading into your talks, given that you are challenging these alliances that he seeks to break up and destroy?"

Because clearly, that's what Acosta would have done if the president blew off Fox News? LOL.

Roberts, a veteran of CBS News and CNN, took some withering criticism online for not standing up for Acosta in the moment or, perhaps, ceding the microphone to his colleague. I know Kristen Welker of NBC. Lesson for the kids out there: "no one should ever try to do the right thing with the expectation that it will ever be reciprocated".

Trump: "See, that's such dishonest reporting", he said, lambasting both NBC and CNN, which he frequently lumps together.

"No, no", Trump responded, calling the network "fake news". You can watch Trump's comments below. The president called out one of my colleagues Kristen Welker of NBC as dishonest and said that NBC New was dishonest.