Greyhound Canada cancelling service

Postado Julho 14, 2018

"Today we announced that we were going to exit our operation in western Canada, from Sudbury, Ontario west which includes all of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, except for the Vancouver to Seattle piece of business which the USA area operates", said Stuart Kendrick, senior vice-president with Greyhound Canada, in an interview with CTV Calgary on Monday.

"This decision is regretful and we sympathize with the fact that many small towns are going to lose service", Greyhound Canada senior vice-president Stuart Kendrick told The Canadian Press.

Hollingworth is also concerned about some of his employees who live in other communities but use the Greyhound to get to Valleyview.

On Monday Greyhound Canada announced it will be axing its transport services in Western Canada, citing declining ridership as the primary reason for a crumbling business model.

But, in retrospect, the end of Greyhound (Western Canada) should not have been a surprise. "It's just the routes are not viable and ridership's at a point where it's not sustainable long term".

Greyhound Canada will be ending bus service in the Prairies and B.C. "We know there are private operators who are very nimble and quick", and would be eager to take over some of the routes.

Without intervention from other bus operators as well as federal and provincial governments, Cassidy said the "ad hoc" services that he thinks will surely crop up in Greyhound's absence will be insufficient.

In a Facebook post, it said it will be offering service from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay, Ont., Thompson, Man., Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert, Sask., starting October 31 - the day Greyhound shuts down its western operation.

Kasper Transportation- Kasper Wabinski, founder of Kasper Transportation, has said to the CBC that his company is looking to fill the void in Northern Ontario and Manitoba.

According to its revamped online route map, Greyhound will continue to run service out of Sudbury east to Ottawa and south to Toronto.

"The costs of flights are so much cheaper these days than they were 15 years ago", he said.

Saskatchewan shut down the government-owned Saskatchewan Transportation Co., or STC, in last year's austerity budget due to what the province said was a consistent drop in people taking the bus.

Red Arrow, another bus service company, now provides service between Edmonton and Calgary, as well as several other communities, such as Fort McMurray and Cold Lake.