Trump says he feels 'unwelcomed' in London, blasts mayor Sadiq Khan

Postado Julho 14, 2018

May's office said it would not comment on The Sun article during a greeting when Trump met May at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to review a military exercise.

In the piece, Trump gave May advice on how to handle the exit from the European Union and said he "would have done it much differently".

The millionaires will be schmoozed by Trump Jr and play golf together at Turnberry before meeting Trump Sr over the weekend.

From 11am, tens of thousands of demonstrators began to gather in central London to protest against the presidential couple's "working visit".

His father's visit will also be met by protests across the United Kingdom, including outside the Menie estate in Aberdeenshire where he owns a golf course, which have been backed by a number of senior politicians.

The Mirror goes large with a picture of the USA president posing somewhat smugly in Winston Churchill's armchair, and asks how dare he take the distinguished seat after insulting "our country", embarrassing "our Queen", humiliating "our PM".

'It's something that should be celebrated and not criticised.

"I think the [European Union trade] deal she is striking is not the one people voted on, exactly". Locals living adjacent to his properties complained of harassment and bullying tactics after they refused to sell their properties for amounts far below market value.

Mr Trump branded the Aberdeen bay windfarm his father had fought so hard to stop "irrelevant", but added that he was sceptical that it would still be standing in a decade.

"I actually told Theresa May how to do [Brexit], but she didn't agree".

'I think it was a foolish location, but at the end of the day I think it is irrelevant and it doesn't make any difference to this course. Outrageous as his comments were, they were still broadly reading from the same script, one that he doesn't necessarily believe in or particularly care about as long as it telegraphs his status.

Trump's attack on May's Brexit plan drew scorn from across the political divide as being ill-mannered during a high-profile visit. Instead he cryptically said that she'd found his proposal "too brutal".

He said he had apologised to Mrs May for the report and praised her professionalism in her response. But the president told The Sun that Khan himself had "not been hospitable to a government that is very important".

May and added: "I also said that this incredible woman, right here, is doing a fantastic job, a great job".

When asked if there would be more visits in the future he responded: 'There is no question about it'.

Trump watchers have kept a close eye on the first couple's public displays of affection, especially after the first lady was caught on camera clearly swatting away her husband's hand during a trip to Tel Aviv, Israel in May of previous year.

"Scotland has deep and longstanding ties of family, friendship and business with the United States, which will continue to endure".