Arsenal FC supporter Jeremy Corbyn slams American tycoon’s full takeover of club

Postado Agosto 09, 2018

The Supporters Trust described Kroenke's buy-out as "a terrible day for Arsenal FC" and now Corbyn has voiced his disapproval.

'I back the Arsenal Supporters Trust's opposition to this takeover which is sadly an all too familiar story in today's Premier League'.

Usmanov's Red and White Securities firm added: "We confirm that Mr Alisher Usmanov has given an irrevocable undertaking to KSE to accept the offer in respect of Red and White Securities' entire holding of 18,695 Arsenal shares (representing approximately 30.05 per cent) for an agreed price of £29,419.64 per share in cash valuing Red and White Securities' stake at just over £550m".

Shadow Sports Minister Rosena Allin-Khan fears Arsenal could surrender a level of impartiality to their governance if the deal goes through.

The deal ends a stand-off between the two tycoons, who had both battled for control, but it has angered the small group of well-connected independent shareholders who see themselves as guardians of the 132-year-old club.

'The financial viability of the deal must also be carefully examined, especially if the club will be purchased via a loan.

"We can not have a football club used as collateral against an owner's other business interests and we urge the Premier League to thoroughly examine this deal".

Corbyn, whose Islington North constituency contains Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, has been an avid supporters for many years.

Usmanov, a long-time critic of Kroenke's, said: "I have made a decision to sell my shares in Arsenal Football Club which could be the best football club in the world".

"This news marks a awful day for Arsenal Football Club", it read.

While on a visit to Brussels in 2017, Corbyn presented Michel Barnier, the EU's chief negotiator, with an Arsenal shirt. He has also campaigned for the club to become a living wage employer.

Asked by The Spectator for his favourites, Corbyn said: 'Of all time, Ian Wright. I like him very much'.

After Arsene Wenger announced he would be stepping down as Arsenal manager after 22 years, Corbyn posted a heartfelt tribute on social media.

He wrote: 'Thank you Arsene Wenger for all you have done for Arsenal and our community in North London, and for the inspiration you have given to young people to take up football.

"Thank you for all the achievements, over such a long period, for the club I love".

'Three Premier League titles, the unbeaten season, a record breaking seven FA Cups and revolutionising the English game. And thank you for the example you have set in standing up to abuse and criticism, proving you are stronger than all your critics.