New mother tested positive for opiates after eating poppy seed bagel

Postado Agosto 09, 2018

I was having contractions.

Elizabeth Eden was in labor in April when a doctor told her she had tested positive for opiates and she had been reported to the state.

A Maryland woman is blaming her false positive test for opiates on the breakfast she ate hours before giving birth. "And I ate a poppy seed bagel this morning for breakfast, ' and [the doctor] said, 'No, you've been reported to the state'".

Eden never imagined she would test positive for opiates when she delivered baby Beatrice last spring. According to emergency room physician Jedidiah Ballard, poppy seeds are extracted from the poppy plant, from which heroin, fentanyl, and other opioids are derived. Eden had learned in a school health class that eating poppy seeds could cause a false positive. In fact, studies have shown that just a teaspoon of poppy seeds can cause your levels to be as high as 1,300 nanograms per milliliter.

"We don't typically educate patients, and it's a really good point that people probably should know that if you use poppy seeds before you have a toxicology screen that it could result in a false positive test", Rossiter-Pratt said. Eden's case was fortunately resolved, but she told WVTN 13 of the experience, "It was traumatizing". And the tests at Eden's hospital reveal positive results when that number reaches 300.

Dr. Judith Rossiter-Pratt, the chief of the department of OB/GYN, explained the hospital uses the measurement as a means to catch as many true drug misusers as possible.

The case worker closed her file when she heard the explanation.