Slaughterhouse Rulez trailer: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost vs. evil, again

Postado Agosto 10, 2018

Luckily the first trailer for Slaughterhouse Rulez more than backs it all up by looking completely bananas and totally great. The film is set to be released in the United Kingdom on October 31 and stars Asa Butterfield, Fin Cole, and Michael Sheen.

We may never get to see a sequel to "rom-zom-com" Shaun of the Dead. Check out the Slaughterhouse Rulez trailer and poster below! However, buried deep in its recesses is a tinge of agitprop, since the plot involves a prestigious boarding school selling some of its land to a fracking company, whose subterranean activities seem to result in the opening of a kind of gateway (to Hell?), from which monsters (demons?) emerge and wreak havoc on the student body and faculty.

Though Pegg and Frost did not have any writing credit for Slaughterhouse Rulez, however Pegg is has said that he feels the film to films Pegg and Frost have done before with the blending staples of many genres and bringing humor to social and political issues of the time.

Anyway, the film is called Slaughter Rulez and is directed by former member of Kula Shaker, Crispian Miller. While a USA release date has not been revealed, it's not beyond the realm of reason to assume that a Holiday-appropriate date around that same time will be set Stateside. Slaughterhouse Rulez premieres October 31.