Brad Pitt fires back at 'calculated' ex Angelina Jolie over child support

Postado Agosto 11, 2018

BRAD Pitt has fought back in a USA court against Angelina Jolie's claim that he has not paid adequate child support for the couple's six children. "As of present, [he] has paid no meaningful child support since separation", her lawyer said in the filing on Tuesday.

Mr Pitt's attorneys say in their document that the actress' filing on Tuesday was an unnecessary attempt to manipulate media coverage.

The filing explained the heartthrob star had loaned his ex $8million "to assist her in purchasing her current residence" and also paid 'over $1.3million in bills for the benefit of [Jolie] and the minor children'.

This is especially common when the divorce is drawn out, as in the case of Pitt and Jolie. Brad's lawyers point to Angelina's legal docs that were filed earlier this week, in which she asks the judge to grant the divorce quickly so she can be a single woman again. leaving child support and other issues for a later date. "Given the informal arrangements around the payment of the children's expenses have not been regularly sustained by [Pitt] for over a year and a half.

Everything had been private until she chose to file publicly yesterday, and that makes Brad hurt, angry and ready to fight back". She is asking for the main custody of the six children.

"Knowing Brad as well as she does, Jen is in agony over the pain Brad must be going through fighting with his ex just to be with his own kids", the source says.

Pitt and Jolie have three sons and three daughters, ages 17 and under.

Separate sources told Page Sixthat theWorld War Z star has spent "millions for therapists" for their brood, as well as forked out for their travel expenses and round-the-clock bodyguards.

Jolie cited "irreconcilable differences" when she filed to end the marriage, and the pair became embroiled in a bitter child custody dispute in the months following the announcement.

From here, things get even more complicated. "A loan is not, however, child support and to represent it as such is misleading and inaccurate".