German police rescue man being chased by baby squirrel

Postado Agosto 11, 2018

A picture of the sleeping baby squirrel shared by the Karlsruhe Police Department.

A man called Germany's police emergency number after being terrorized by a baby squirrel, police in the south western city of Karlsruhe said on Friday.

Officers in the south-western city of Karlsruhe responded to the call for help and arrived to see the creature still terrorising the caller.

Police said the animal was well looked after.

"A squirrel will be our new mascot, it will be christened Karl-Friedrich", said the police write-up. But the drama ended suddenly when the squirrel, apparently exhausted by its exertions, lay down abruptly and fell asleep.

The squirrel so relentlessly chased the man that he needed police to help deal with the situation.

Officers took pity on the animal, which had probably become separated from its mother.

She added that the squirrel could be persistent and can fixate entirely on a person.

The officers transported the animal, which had likely lost its mother and was searching for a new home, to a rescue center.

"It can be pretty scary ... the man didn't know what to do and so he called the police... he was certainly feeling a bit threatened".

The animal is being well looked after in an animal rescue centre. The squirrel has fallen asleep due to the scare'.