In Australia were allowed to kill kangaroos

Postado Agosto 11, 2018

The entire state of New South Wales is now impacted by drought as extreme measures including water restrictions are tightened in a bid to combat the crisis. "The requirement to tag dead kangaroos to keep a tally of the number shot across the state had been dispensed with, " said a report.

Under the new system, carcasses will no longer need to be tagged and left in the paddock and landholders will be able to use the carcass for a range of noncommercial purposes such as bait meat.

"Kangaroos around local food and water sources are putting significant pressure on farms - we must start to turn that around as soon as possible", Mr Blair said.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, second right, looks at dry soil with farmers during a visit to Strathmore Farm near Trangie, 300 miles north west of Sydney.

In addition, the NSW Government has announced extensions to the commercial kangaroo harvest zones in South East NSW.

"We're testing the idea that if anyone out there has a couple of spare rooms or a cottage they may want to offer, to let their Australian peers know and give them the opportunity to catch some respite by offering them a place to take a break", Milne said.

The government should have subsidised professional hunters to reduce kangaroo numbers more humanely, he said.

"Australia's rainfall varies greatly from one year to the next and from one decade to the next, and is strongly influenced by large scale phenomena such as El Niño and La Niña", Australia's Department of the Environment and Energy says on its website.

The reason was the largest in the last half-century drought.

"A recent attribution study shows extremely high pressures as seen across southeast Australia in August 2014 are more likely to occur in the future due to climate change", it says.

Southern Australia has experienced near-record levels of dry weather; rainfall has been 57mm below average for the time of year.