Michigan Investigating Potential Reselling of School-Issued Shoes

Postado Agosto 12, 2018

Officials from all three schools acknowledged, through athletic department spokesmen, that they were contacted by North Carolina and are in the process of investigating the claims.

ESPN is reporting that Michigan, Cal and Marquette are all looking into possible NCAA violations by its players, as shoes from those three schools might have been sold to the same retailer that had shoes from North Carolina players.

According to a report by ESPN.com, North Carolina - which recently suspended 13 of its football players after they committed NCAA violations by reselling Air Jordan shoes given to them by the school - has reached out to California, Marquette and MI (all of which sport the Jordan Brand), who may have also seen its respective players sell shoes to the same retailer.

Marquette spokesman Mike Broeker said the school now will stipulate that players wear the shoes multiple times, which should decrease their value on the open market and make it less tempting to sell them.

Ablauf said MI players sign a form that acknowledges that selling the shoes would jeopardize their eligibility.

MI reporter Nick Baumgardner confirmed that MI is looking into it.

On Monday, North Carolina suspended players found to have participated in the sale of shoes for between two and four games. But Ablauf told ESPN that doesn't mean players sold the shoes, as they are also given to celebrities, executives and charity. The student-athletes are not the only people who can receive the custom shoes.

MI football spokesman Dave Ablauf said the number of sales tracked by StockX doesn't mean Wolverines players sold the shoes. Ablauf said executives and celebrities receive the special shoes, as do Nike's MI endorsers in the pros.