NASCAR CEO arrested for DUI, possession of oxycodone

Postado Agosto 12, 2018

Few people know that Jim France liked to race when he was younger. He's held the position since 2003 and made radical changes to the racing product that have coincided with a steep decline in NASCAR's attendance and television ratings. Regardless of his role in NASCAR going forward, it's important that he's healthy and that he takes care of himself.

"It will be important for NASCAR leadership to reassure key partners that the sport is in good hands and is positively moving forward", said Poston, who is now president of consulting firm Tuckahoe Strategies.

On his SiriusXM radio show, NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick embraced the interim leader. He knows the ins and outs of what's going on to this very minute in the sport, has been around the sport for a long time. I know all of the executives really, really well. He was greeted by several hundred supporters Sunday night when his plane landed in Georgia, which he touched on during a national conference call conducted by NASCAR. Both Jim France and Lesa France Kennedy have become more involved this year and had privately been picking up the slack for Brian France.

"I met with Jim France himself recently", Gibbs said.

As for the off-track news that usurped his victory? "I like Brian OK and it's a rotten shame he did this, but people sometimes do things that they shouldn't do".

"It's unfortunate, obviously, and he's got some personal issues he's going to attend to", Hamlin said.

The owner of Speedway Motorsports Inc. has called on all NASCAR stakeholders to rally around the series following the arrest of Chairman and CEO Brian France.

So it is basically business as usual for NASCAR, and that's exactly the way it should be, said longtime France family adversary Bruton Smith.

"Our sport is big, big, big and it's bigger than just one person", Smith said. France has led NASCAR since 2003. "We go forward. We have to in this sport". At this point in time, NASCAR needs friends and people that will help. "That being said, it's a great sport and we go forward and we all should be very protective of it and be willing to lend a helping hand".

"They were catching a lot of heat by not doing something", Smith said. He said the entire industry shoulders blame for NASCAR's slide, and owners and drivers have combined to drive operating costs through the roof.

Felix Sabates has had at least partial ownership of a top-level NASCAR team since 1989. That's what you need is that racing perspective of just making sure we stick with the roots of what made NASCAR racing what it is, and he's been around it and know how that went.

"We need to find it in our hearts to forgive Brian for his mistakes", Sabates said.

Everything here is headline material but perhaps the most serious of all, although the impact will really be felt in the United States, is the Brian France story.

Competitors and colleagues remained confident in NASCAR's ability to move beyond Brian France's arrest and wished the best for the grandson of the sport's founder Tuesday. He is fun to be with, he knows as many amusing jokes as his daddy, he is very charitable.