Possible hepatitis A exposure reported in Fort Smith, vaccination clinics set

Postado Agosto 12, 2018

The Arkansas Department of Health is warning consumers of a possible hepatitis A exposure at the Fort Smith Red Lobster after an employee there tested positive for the virus.

An employee tested positive for the virus. Many show no symptoms, the Health Department said.

The ADH is planning hep A vaccination clinics in Sebastian County.

The ADH is now advising those who exhibit symptoms of hepatitis A - which include but are not limited to "fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting" and even jaundice - to seek medical treatment, though not everyone with the condition shows symptoms.

Officials say the case is unrelated to outbreaks in northeast Arkansas, which has sickened at least 80 people and caused one death.

Anyone experiencing symptoms should seek care immediately. The vaccine will be provided to the public at no cost. Illness can last for months, though permanent damage is rare. People should bring their insurance card and driver's license if they have one. At this time there is no known risk to anyone who ate at this location after August 4, 2018.

According to the CDC, Hepatitis A is contracted by ingesting a tiny amount of fecal matter, is contagious and can be fatal, but is treatable. These behaviors have likely reduced the risk of illness to the public. Other risk factors for having more severe symptoms of hep A include having other infections or chronic diseases like hep B or C, HIV/AIDS or diabetes.