Fake Donald Trump stars pop up on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Postado Agosto 13, 2018

The 50 stars, which are vinyl (but look surprisingly authentic) are the product of a conservative street artist affiliates with Sabo who told the Hollywood Reporter he wished to remain anonymous.

The group said a "young and anonymous entrepreneur" put down the $1,000 (€872.50) to have the stars printed on sheets of floor vinyl for the project. If no one peels these off, they could last there for 10 years, ' the artist said.

The council has no jurisdiction over the Walk of Fame in neighboring Hollywood, and voted only to urge the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which runs the attraction, to remove it.

However, chamber president Leron Gubler tells the Los Angeles Times the chamber has never removed a star because it's considered part of the walk's "historic fabric". For one, the pick axe demolition was a cathartic yes; secondly the credentials you need to earn a Hollywood Star are pretty minimal. Recently, on July 25 a man named Austin Clay destroyed Trump's star using a pickaxe.

Just throwing it out there, but they've announced that they're keeping the star of Bill Cosby.

The artist further said that his mission to preserve Trump's star was not yet over and added that if someone removes his (Trump) star then more will pop up in its place.

It's quite hilarious to see a group of pro-Trump street artists become so enraged over the destruction of a star the president got for producing his Miss Universe shows.

Numerous stars, though, were peeled off during the day, with some saying that they feared vandalism if the fake stars stayed.

Many users responded, with some calling for the destruction of all Trump stars, while others called the fake stars an act of vandalism against the Walk of Fame.

The initiative by the city council of West Hollywood comes less than two weeks after the star was vandalized by a man with a pickax.