Stormy Daniels Won’t Appear On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ In Britain After All

Postado Agosto 18, 2018

Adult film star Stormy Daniels pulled out of Celebrity Big Brother after a row with producers, her lawyer says.

"They insisted she conduct herself in a certain way - they attempted to control her and produce a certain result, which she did not feel comfortable with", he explained, also adding that anyone claiming she quit over money is "spreading a false rumour".

Avenatti denied a United Kingdom tabloid report that Clifford bailed on the TV show only after being denied a bigger paycheck for her appearance.

Rylan revealed that the former porn star pulled out a mere five hours before the Channel 5 show's launch on Thursday night after admitting she only wanted to appear for the launch and then leave.

Moore added: "She says the stories about her asking for more money are rubbish".

She said: "Late last night there was a custody development regarding her daughter - she showed me the official email proving that".

After all, wouldn't they want her to make more money?

According to Moore, Daniels said "being a mother comes first" and she had no choice but to return to the USA and not appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

Immediately Stormy was seen on the screen where she revealed: 'I'm now involved in a huge media storm involving the US President.

"And suddenly she thought, "I can't do [CBB]'".

"She said I will go on the live show when they are introducing everyone, I will explain why I'm not going into the house", Moore said.

Jane Moore told viewers of the live show that Daniels had withdrawn from "Celebrity Big Brother" because of a sudden custody issue in her ongoing divorce battle and she felt she had to concentrate on her child.

Meanwhile, Big Brother producers released their own statement on Twitter.

'So Big Brother tried to work it out, but Big Brother is about celebrities entering the house, not entering the house and then leaving. has contacted representatives of Channel 5 and Stormy Daniels for comment.

United Kingdom reality show Celebrity Big Brother has denied its producers tried to control adult film star Stormy Daniels, who pulled out of appearing on the reality show five hours before its live launch.

Daniels would have shared a house with "Cheers" and "Scream Queens" actress Kirstie Alley, the "human Ken Doll" Rodrigo Alves and former British soap star Roxanne Pallett, all of whom feature on The Sun's line-up of housemates.