Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4: What that means for Duke, Durham

Postado Setembro 12, 2018

The NHC warned on Tuesday that the storm may strengthen to Category 5, with wind speeds in excess of 157 miles per hour (253 km/h), as it moves over a band of warmer water off of North Carolina's coast. "We live paycheck to paycheck, being a military family, and it's four days until payday". She said city emergency personnel met Monday to review plans and a state of emergency was declared.

CNN reported that after landfall, storm surges up to 13 feet are expected along the coasts.

Duke officials are closely monitoring forecasts for Hurricane Florence, which is on its way to becoming one of the strongest storms to hit the Southeast coast, according the Weather Channel.

Florence was ranked as a Category 4 storm but was expected to keep drawing energy from the warm water.

As of the 5 PM advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Florence remains a very powerful category 4 hurricane. Hurricane Fran in 1996 was a Category 3 storm as it struck below Cape Fear.

We here in North Carolina are bracing for a hard hit. "Don't bet your life on riding out a monster". Weather conditions are expected to go down hill beginning as early as Thursday morning, according to forecasters. He said the federal government is "absolutely, totally prepared" for Florence.

Hurricane Florence is rapidly intensifying and could strike a direct and unsafe blow anywhere from the Carolinas to the Mid-Atlantic region later this week, possibly as a fearsome category 4, forecasters said.

Residents are stockpiling bottled water, plywood, and power supplies.

North Carolina's governor issued what he called a first-of-its-kind mandatory evacuation order for North Carolina's fragile barrier islands from one end of the coast to the other.

Taking dead aim at the Carolinas, Storm Florence is likely to bring "life-threatening, catastrophic flash flooding and significant river flooding" when it sweeps in on Thursday and Friday, the National Weather Service (NWS) said. That is what happened a year ago with Hurricane Harvey, which brought more than 150 centimeters of rain to the Houston, Texas area.

Florence is now heading for ocean water with surface temperatures of around 85 degrees, meaning it will likely strengthen on its way to the East Coast.

'Wherever you are in North Carolina, get ready for Florence now, ' Governor Cooper said.

At least 25 million residents are at risk from the storm and experts predict its current path could cause up to $170 billion worth of damage, hit up to 759,000 homes and businesses and become the costliest to ever hit the U.S.

Cline used the analogy of a ball and a velcro mitt to explain how the accuracy of meteorologists' forecasts improve as the storm gets closer.