Apple expected to unveil bigger, pricier iPhone on Wednesday

Postado Setembro 15, 2018

Rather than luring millions of new iPhone users, Apple's goal these days is to steadily raise average prices, while expanding the total number of active devices to support sales of accessories and digital services like iCloud storage, streaming music and video.

However, Apple won't be including the dongle with newly-purchased iPhones - and each dongle costs R199 each. Expectations for Apple's lineup have been fueled by reports from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is based in Taiwan, where numerous contracts manufacture that also make Apple products are based.

The new accelerometer and gyroscope will help the watch detect when its falling and the watch can measure up to 32g forces. It can detect if your heart rate is too slow and it will alert you. In India, the iPhone XR will be available slightly late on October 26. And yes, the Max has a ginormous 6.5-inch display.

We'll be making sure to give the battery a full workout when we get our hands on the review devices.

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CEO Tim Cook showed off the iPhone XS Max, which has a bigger screen than the one on last year's dramatically designed model, the iPhone X. It'll cost about $1,100, topping the iPhone X, which at $1,000 seemed jaw-dropping at the time.

As well, buyers get up to one-and-a-half hours of additional runtime per charge versus the iPhone 8 Plus, according to Apple, offering overall better battery life.

In case you were also wondering, each of the new phones, despite otherwise edge-to-edge displays, has a "notch" at the top of their screens that masksthe front camera and sensors.

Although the camera hardware itself may be better, Apple is doing much more in post-processing with the pixels it collects. One way to do that is to get people to buy more expensive phones. It is the biggest iPhone ever released by Apple.

A year ago, I might have been more skeptical. On the iPhone 6S, for example, apps will allegedly open 40 per cent faster than before, and you can take a photo 70 per cent faster than on iOS 11. These include the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and a more affordable successor to the iPhone 8 called the iPhone Xr. And these are the people Apple must reach to continue its phenomenal success with iPhones.

Apple has made progress when it comes to software by introducing the new Smart HDR mode with zero shutter lag. Time will tell, of course.

Apple claims the XR will boast "all-day" battery life.

Focusing specifically on T-Mobile, it's been confirmed that both the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max will include 600MHz LTE support, making them the first iPhones to have that feature.

Among the many things it announced at its special event today, Apple revealed the iPhone Xs (say ten-ess) and iPhone Xs Max, its new flagship smartphones. The Apple Watch will keep a track of the patterns and you can export the patterns using the Health app into PDF files that you can share with your doctor. In other words, try putting these big-screen phones down.

The iPhone XR uses the same TrueDepth camera as the iPhone XS. But no more so than the Galaxy Note9.

Does the iPhone XR have a new display? By using a physical SIM and Apple integrated eSIM, you can use it as a dual sim. The company also claims that the sensor itself is "2x faster", likely referring to sensor readout speed.