'Fat shaming' sweatshirt disaster: Whole collection has been pulled

Postado Setembro 15, 2018

Following the backlash, Revolve issued a statement clarifying that LPA's sweatshirts were intended "as a direct commentary on the modern day "normality" of cyber-bullying and the shared desire to create a community for those most affected by the epidemic". The point was to shine the light on how frightful trolling is.

For months I've been working on a collaboration with LPA through parent company @revolve - sweatshirts that highlight quotes from prominent women who have experienced internet trolling & abuse.

The questionable offering from LA-based brand LPA was priced at £162 and modelled by a thin, smiling woman.

'This is a cause very close to my heart and the proceeds were meant to benefit charities that help young women by empowering them to express themselves through writing and art.

Since the early launch on Revolve, LPA contacted the retailer and implored the site to take the articles of clothing down, but it remains unclear if the items will still launch later this week.

The other designs, which were slated to launch on Thursday, feature similar as-told-to quotes from stars like Lena Dunham ("Horrible Result of Modern Feminism"), Suki Waterhouse ("If you translated a bum onto her face, she'd have a better face") and Cara Delevingne ("Too boney to be boned"). Many have criticised the harsh slogan and choice of model.

'Someone explain to me how thin people wearing these sweaters are supposed to aid in any type of empowerment for fat people?' One person wrote after seeing the sweatshirt.

Florence also described the clothing as a "problematic" marketing decision in a message to her followers.

"This is still incredibly problematic and an bad attempt at 'claiming back" toxic narratives because (in my opinion) it just gives them power by putting them back into the world, ' she wrote after revealing the conversation with LPA.

Fashionista editor Tyler McCall pointed out that the sweatshirt only went up to a size XL, before it was listed as sold out.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday, she explained that Revolve had mistakenly released images of the sweatshirt early on "thin white women" without her knowledge, ruining the intended objective of acceptance and showcasing the "lack of diversity in representation".

She added: 'We at Revolve sincerely apologize to all those involved - particularly Lena, Emily, Cara, Suki and Paloma - our loyal customers, and the community as a whole for this error. "I am deeply disappointed in @revolve's handling of a sensitive topic and a collaboration rooted in reclaiming the words of internet trolls to celebrate the beauty in diversity and bodies and experiences that aren't the industry norm".

'The collection has been pulled.

"We are proud to donate $20,000 to Girls Write Now in the hopes that those who need it can still benefit from what was to be a meaningful, insightful and impactful collaboration by LPA", the retailer's statement concluded.