BMW’s Self-Driving Motorcycle Could Help Keep Bikers Safe

Postado Setembro 16, 2018

Nearly never does one think about an autonomous motorcycle.

Division BMW Motorrad took about its first unmanned motorcycle video, which demonstrates not only his ability to ride independently and learn about the features of the two-wheeled drone and how work was carried out.

The prototype started life as an R 1200 GS model and comes with an antenna installed on a storage case behind the driver's seat.

BMW hopes the program will in the future greatly assist bikers by operating as an autonomous driving assistant that adjusts steering during risky situations on the road. These bikes are normally festooned with panniers for holding gear and clothing when you see them cruising the roads.

The objective is to enhance the wellbeing of bike riders and increment their odds of avoiding any accident, as opposed to acquiring the innovation its present frame to the finished result. It allows the bike to self-balance, accelerate, complete the course on a test track and slow down to a stop.

Last year BMW revealed to the world the R1200RS ConnectedRide prototype; with a host of technologies including Vehicle to Vehicle Communication and a Differential Global Navigation Satellite System, it aimed to make riding a motorcycle safer, more connected and less unsafe. In Munich, safety researchers have been using the autonomous motorcycle to test out features for its real motorcycles to handle risky situations. Outlook on the future of motorcycle safety and technology in Miramas.

Autonomous, or driverless, cars are a concept most of us are familiar with and testing has been taking place on public roads.

Either way, it's remarkable to see a bike drive, lean and turn completely on its own, then come to a full stop and plop on its kickstand.