'Mariachi musician' gunmen kill three in Mexico City

Postado Setembro 16, 2018

Five men dressed as mariachi musicians and reportedly armed with rifles and handguns opened fire on the plaza before escaping on motorcycles.

Five people were killed and several others were wounded Fridayafter a group of men wearing traditional mariachi suits descended on the city's iconic Plaza Garibaldi and opened fire at a restaurant, the city's prosecutor's office said.

Many Mexicans wear mariachi costumes, a symbol of national pride, on Independence Day to commemorate the launch of the revolt against Spanish rule on September 16, 1810.

The music and partying continued until after the city's chief of public security, Raymundo Collins, showed up at the crime scene, video footage broadcast on TV showed.

The Mexico City prosecutors' office said at least one foreigner was among those wounded in Friday night's attack, which local media said was staged by gunmen dressed as mariachi musicians.

Investigators later found 60 empty bullet casings on the ground.

A crime scene worker covers up one of the bodies of victims of a shooting in Garibaldi Plaza, in Mexico City, Friday Sept. 14, 2018.

Garibaldi, on the edge of the touristy, colonial historic center of Mexico City, is known for seedy strip clubs and dive bars, aside from mariachis.

Business quickly resumed around the square following the shooting.

Another 37,000 people are reported as missing.

Mexico has been hit by a wave of violence since deploying the army to fight the country's powerful drug cartels in 2006.

Plaza Garibaldi borders the notorious Tepito district, home to the violent La Union drugs gang.

Officials in the Mexican capital have blamed the rise in crime on drug dealing and protection rackets, while the government claims that at least one of the city's violent gangs is connected to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.