How We'll Be Able To Watch Apple's Original Content

Postado Outubro 12, 2018

Apple has been spending money left and right to pick up a slew of original programming in an effort to become another contender in the streaming service industry.

At least some of Apples upcoming TV shows will be made available for free in the ‘TV app on Apple TV and iPhone, according to report by CNBC.

The new service, which doesn't yet have a name but is definitely not going to be called iTV (someone's got that, apparently), will include existing content from big names, plus new stuff cooked up by the geniuses at Apple.

Offering free original video content on Apple devices would definitely be one way of attracting and maintaining customers. An Android/smart TV streaming app seems a pretty safe bet, although Apple might want to keep things exclusive to boost its own hardware sales. And the reason for that makes sense once you find out exactly how this new original content will be distributed by Apple. However, unlike other networks and studios like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and many others, we had zero idea of how we'd be consuming the Apple content. Free content in Apple's "TV" appApple has previously offered some of its video content for free through Apple Music but it appears that the company will be transitioning to the ‘TV app, which is now curating content from multiple services such as Amazon, HBO, iTunes, and others.

There has always been rumour of Apple starting its own video subscription service to challenge Netflix. The report doesn't note if the service will be available on non-Apple devices, and if the company would require you pay if you're watching from a PC, Android or other device.

Thanks to CNBC, we now have our first details as to how we'll be able to access the Apple goodness. For all we know, it could just be a mild change from what they do with the current TV app on Apple TV, so very little may actually change.