Stephen Hawking Posthumously Asserts 'There Is No God' in New Book

Postado Outubro 19, 2018

In Hawking's final book, Brief Answers to Big Questions, published Tuesday, the theoretical physicist and cosmologist, who was smart enough to be played by Eddie Redmayne in the movie of his life, tackled one of life's oldest and most hard questions-Is there a God?

"There is no God. No one directs the universe", he writes in "Brief Answers to the Big Questions".

While that answer is undoubtedly unsettling for people of faith, they may take some comfort knowing that Hawking doesn't think we're entirely alone in the universe. He wrote that there are "forms of intelligent life out there". They're just not "God" in the Judeo-Christian-Muslim sense of the word. Hawking's family and colleagues worked, er, religiously to complete the manuscript with help from his archives.

In the final chapter of his book, the renowned scientist offered one last bit of advice in answering the question "How do we shape the future?"

And he leaves open the possibility of other phenomena.

"He realized that people specifically wanted his answers to these questions", Lucy told CNN.

Lucy Hawking said her father saw the world on the cusp of a "vast transformative change" when he died, but was troubled over how "divided we've become".

In remarks prepared by Hawking and played at the launch of the book in London on Monday, the scientist also turned his attention to the world he was leaving behind.

"With Brexit and Trump now exerting new forces in relation to immigration and the development of education, we are witnessing a global revolt against experts, and that includes scientists", Hawking said.

According to his daughter, Hawking believed that "We seem to have lost the ability to look outward, and we are increasingly looking inward to ourselves", a harsh indictment from a man who spent decades in a wheelchair unable to speak, and a warning worth heeding.

Hawking's final message to readers, though, is a hopeful one.

"Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet", he wrote.