Cardi B hands out free winter coats in NY

Postado Outubro 20, 2018

Rapper Cardi B is showing her fans some love as she gives away free winter coats.

The Bronx-born rapper met with residents and fans on Thursday evening at the Marlboro Houses in Brooklyn during brisk fall weather.

Local wholesaler Daniels Leather donated the coats, while NY Tent Sale and TraxNYC provided shoe donations and additional sponsorship, according to Footwork Entertainment, an organizer for the event.

The crowd - some of which has showed up in the mid afternoon - had reached close to 300 people screaming her name in the street by sunset. "I can't wait to [do] this in my borough next BX", she wrote on Instagram.

Cardi B says she cares a lot about kids and the community and feels it's important to set a good example. "I didn't know it was gonna be so big", she told WABC.

Cardi B was also given a symbolic key to the Brooklyn housing community, in addition to a birthday cake in celebration of her recent birthday.