Demi Lovato Splitting Time Between a Halfway House and L.A

Postado Novembro 08, 2018

"You have to spend time in once place or another, all that time packing bags three days a week here, and three days a week there", the talk show host explained. He is not the one for Demi, ' she said of Levy, noting that he doesn't seem like her type.

Now she spends time with a man named Henry Levy, and was recently spotted holding hands with him in Beverly Hills over a meal. Her friends feel he is a positive influence on her.

Demi Lovato with her mother, Dianna De La Garza.

Lovato previously revealed in her documentary "Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated" that she used drugs while she had a sober companion in 2012 - and that she went through about 20 of them before moving into a sober house and getting clean in 2013. Their money's long and strong, they are up to something, the family. "She's not rushing to figure out where she's going to live permanently". "He's not a real sober coach", Wendy said before pulling up a photo of the designer and Demi together. I wonder, based on this picture, are you actually sober?

Demi is reportedly surrounded by counselors and other people who share similar experiences to hers, while living in the halfway house.

The source also said Lovato has "dedicated herself" to a life of sobriety following several years of struggling with addiction, and is thought to be distancing herself from her old friend group who had "supported her precarious lifestyle" in the past. This includes exercise at the gym and running errands.