Facebook Messenger's new Unsend messages option gets confirmed

Postado Novembro 09, 2018

You may soon do that as Facebook is set to introduce a feature that would allow users to delete messages that have already been sent in its Messenger app.

This length of time is relatively short in comparison to other messaging platforms, including the one day time limit for Facebook-owned Instagram and one hour for Whatsapp - also owned by the social media giant.

In the latest Messenger app update, Facebook revealed plans for the "unsend" feature. At least, that's how its worked for users whose name isn't Mark Zuckerberg.

In addition to saying it would no longer be deleting execs' messages, Facebook said the unsend feature would be rolling out to all users at a later date.

Ten minutes seems like a reasonable time period.

The note mentions the option to remove a message from a chat thread after being sent.

You'll have to notice the mistake pretty quickly if you want it erased from the digital world; but nevertheless, it's possible now.

Bottom line: Great news for people who take their phones with them on nights out: Facebook Messenger's long-talked-about unsend feature is nearly here. We reported back in October about the functionality, pointing out the benefits and disadvantages of the Unsend messages option.