Google Chrome to start punishing websites showing 'abusive ads'

Postado Novembro 09, 2018

All-in-all Google will block ads that are misleading or harm your device in some way or the other. The new policy aims at blocking all ads on websites that are persistent in letting abusive ads through. The company will be punishing the websites that are repeat offenders as apart of Chrome browser version 71 that is due to arrive in December this year.

The new version of Google Chrome will block all ads on the website for Intrusive banners.

Webmasters find information about abusive site experiences on their sites in the Google Search Console.

In November 2017, Google implemented in Google Chrome several protections against so-called "trick to click" that tried to redirect Internet users to unvisited sites to earn money through ads or identity theft.

This new policy is only the next step in Google attempting to control abusive experience online. Google's built-in ad blocker detects and blocks ads with abusive behaviour. This includes points on the page that are transparent or non-visible yet open an unexpected ad when clicked.

Redirecting to another page without user interaction If a web page redirects to another page without any user interaction. Google has affirmed that it will start hindering all ads on destinations that rundown oppressive advertisements from December this year. At the time, Google said that about 1 in 5 feedback reports it receives indicate that the user experienced some form of unwanted content.

Google added that users will be able to disable the ad filtering through browser settings.

"This approach did not go far enough", Sekhar wrote in a blog post today (Nov. 5).

Google monitored the effectiveness of the implementation in Chrome and revealed yesterday that Chrome caught only half of the abusive experiences with the implemented set of protections. Its all new Firefox 63 update packs Enhanced Tracking Protection designed specifically for those looking for more privacy, across the board, and not just limited to incognito. But it's likely a prudent idea to check your site in the Abusive Experiences Tool to check if anything is flagged by Google as abusive.