LaMelo Ball welcomed to OH with billboard near Quicken Loans Arena

Postado Novembro 10, 2018

He was committed to UCLA before playing internationally.

The state of OH moved on quickly from LeBron James.

But LaMelo arrived at Spire Academy in northeast OH on Friday where he will play his final year of high school ball.

"LaMelo Ball is a Professional Basketball player and has played professionally in Lithuania resulting in him being ineligible for the McDonald's All-American Game", the rep tells us.

But, a rep for the organization's selection committee tells TMZ Sports LaMelo will NOT be in consideration to play in the game at the end of the season. citing his past professional status as a means for disqualification.

There are reports Melo didn't receive a cent of his salary while playing for BC Vytautas, making him clear to regain his amateur status. Saying it, though - and proving it to the NCAA - may be an entirely different matter.

Ball is the younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball and some scouts have surmised the now 6-foot-7 LaMelo is further along than Lonzo was at the same age, and that LaMelo will make a better pro.

"LaMelo is famous for his father pulling him out of high school, touring him around Europe to play in his own league, and then suddenly announcing that he's returning to high school".

And, that starts with ballin' out in Ohio.