Man breaks into crocodile enclosure, gets bitten

Postado Novembro 10, 2018

A Florida man who allegedly broke into an alligator farm and jumped into a pool of crocodiles was found Tuesday morning bloody and crawling through a woman's yard, local authorities say. ". When they made contact with him, he claimed he had been bitten by an alligator". "It was later discovered the two calls were related", police said.

St. Augustine Police say Brandon Hatfield was seen on surveillance video breaking into the farm at about 7:45 p.m. Monday.

"He jumped off a 5- to 6-foot structure into about 2 feet of water, then climbed up on the 20-foot structure later, which we know from the blood trail", Brueggen said.

Mr Hatfield, who was already facing burglary and damaging property/criminal mischief charges, then chose to dive into a pond filled with crocodiles. "In our 125-year history, this is the first time anyone has tried to go swimming with the crocodiles". The man had to get through several barriers to gain access to the crocodiles.

An officer reportedly told staff, "Oh, I think we've already got the perpetrator in custody".

St. Johns County firefighters said the man, who was suffering from at least one bite wound, was taken to a hospital in stable condition. He caused about $5,000 worth of damage and is being held without bond.