Monster shares plunge as Coke plans energy-drink

Postado Novembro 10, 2018

Coca-cola cans on display.

Coca-Cola is planning to launch a range of energy drinks for the first time on its own brand name as it intensifies efforts to break away from its traditional fizzy sodas and shift to health-focused trends.

Coke reportedly plans to launch "Coca-Cola Energy" and a diet version called "Coca-Cola Energy No Sugar", which would contain caffeine from naturally derived sources and guarana extract.

Coke has previously taken a cautious approach to energy drinks as they are wrought with controversy in both the United States and global markets after some drinks were linked to deaths in young people.

The company initially took a almost 17 percent stake in energy drinks maker Monster Beverage Corp in 2015, making Coke the largest shareholder, to sample at a distance the market in which it had a small presence with its NOS and Full throttle brands.

Coke is now in arbitration with energy drinks maker Monster Beverage, in which it is the top shareholder, over the launch of the drinks, which Monster says could violate an agreement between the companies. While mutual agreement to obtain clarification, the issue was submitted to arbitration last week on October 31, 2018.

No word yet on when the new drinks will be released.

Guggenheim disagreed on grounds that Coke's new products demonstrate how keen the beverage king is on the high-growth energy category. "Coca-Cola has indicated that it has suspended the proposed launch of such energy products until April 2019" he said.