Poloniex Allows Pre-Fork Trading of Both Bitcoin Cash Versions

Postado Novembro 10, 2018

Your cryptocurrency will remain in your cryptocurrency wallet or exchange, same as ever, though Bitcoin Cash price could change a lot.

As a result, anticipation has been growing that bitcoin cash (BCH) may undergo a divisive hard fork in which it splits into two competing cryptocurrencies.

So, on 7 November 2018, it enabled "pre-fork trading" for the first time ever.

The second largest crypto exchange OKEx announced that it has launched pairs of Bitcoin/XRP [BTC/XRP] and Bitcoin/Litecoin [BTC/LTC] for margin trading in public interest. Now, even before the fork activates, they can begin to cash out.

In a bid to get out ahead of pre-fork market activity, cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has already opened trading on "BCHABC" and "BCHSV".

It should be noted that Bitcoin Cash users will automatically receive equivalent amount of the new coin to the amount held in BCH, so therefore, it is imperative for users to know if their exchanges are willing to support the new tokens.

According to the most recent price data from Poloniex (UTC 06:40 AM), BCH ABC is trading only about Dollars 100 below, or 8% lower, compared to its parent coin BCH. Notably absent is tether (USDT), the controversial-but-highly-liquid stablecoin. However, some of the contingency announcements are less clear on which side their organization will support, while others are completely neutral. The exchange will also be implementing its own replay protection to broadcast replay-protected withdrawals on each chain. Both Coinbase and Binance say that will support the fork, boosting BCH sharply higher. But when exactly will the cryptocurrency hard fork? However two main differences are the the blocksize limits, as of August 2017 Bitcoin has a 1MB blocksize limit whereas BCH proposes 8MB blocks. This deposited BCH tokens are then divided into an equivalent number of "Bitcoin Cash ABC" (BCHABC) and "Bitcoin Cash SV" (BCHSV). This pre-fork trading offer is a first for the exchange, and it is part of efforts to become a top innovative exchange. They also, in the aggregate, provide valuable information about which chain the market believes has more economic viability. Trading coins on both sides of the contentious hard fork is scheduled to activate on the BCH network on November 15. Customers are allowed to trade, but can not withdraw BCHABC and BCHSV before the fork is implemented. That said, BCHABC is again leading the charge with twice twice trading volume of BCHSV.

Not only will you still have your BCH, but a hard fork means that the BCH blockchain is splitting in two. That should change as these markets grow more liquid. With less than a week to go, at news.Bitcoin.com we promise to keep our readers informed of everything that's happening with the upcoming Bitcoin Cash fork.