British MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle: I am HIV Positive

Postado Dezembro 06, 2018

Aliyu made the call in Abuja during a Road Walk organised by AIDS Health Care Foundation (AHF), a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), to commemorate 2018 World AIDS Day.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the theme of this event is "Know your Status".

Aamer Mehmood Kiyani said this in a ceremony held here to commemorate the World AIDS Day.

"One of the great successes of Australia's community-led HIV response has been the mobilisation of those most affected, to mount highly effective treatment and prevention programs", said Professor Carla Treloar, Director of the Centre for Social Research in Health.

He commended the U.S. government, Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Global Fund, PEPFAR, various donor agencies as well as nongovernmental organisations in the fight to end the epidemic.

He said Pakistan is confronting with a concentrated HIV epidemic and a united effort is required to avert a full-blown HIV epidemic by taking preventive measures.

The TCE programme is based on community mobilization, HIV testing, tuberculosis screening, referrals to treatment, and support for HIV treatment adherence.

On Mr Russell-Moyle, he added: "I think he's done everybody a service about talking about his own personal journey with HIV". Together, we can tackle the stigma surrounding HIV and give the young people carrying it the childhood they deserve.

Out of the estimated 21,000-22,000 people living with HIV in Nagaland, as per statistics the new HIV infection in 2017 stood between 1,300 and 1,588, with 60 to 70 new infections reported every month in Dimapur alone.

NHS had earlier stated that Pakistan now faces a concentrated epidemic because of the injecting drug users with HIV prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

The overall level of stigma toward sex workers was 64%.

Commenting on the announcement, Deborah Gold, chief executive of National Aids Trust, said: "Although no one is obliged to be open about their status, and it isn't always an easy decision, the same stigma that makes it hard to say you have HIV is a stigma that is gradually eroded by people being open and proud".

The statement added that people suffering from HIV/AIDS receive contempt from the society. However the sole support of the Government will not suffice to prevent HIV/AIDS, all and everybody must engage in preventing HIV/AIDS.