James Cordon Does 'Thank U, Next' Parody

Postado Dezembro 08, 2018

If anyone on this earth is deserving of a declaration of love in the form of an Ariana Grande parody, it's the internet's favourite daddy, Jeff Goldblum.

The Late Late Show presenter performed the hit song in a parody version, in which he praised Jeff Goldblum by singing 'Thank u, Jeff'.

Everyone welcome to the stage: James Corden's Thank u, Jeff.

He's even perfectly recreated the Mean Girls scenes of Grande's epic rom-com music video - complete with a Jeff burn book, a Christmas concert dance sequence and a scene involving Corden in silk pyjamas as he professes his admiration for Goldblum. "Then he won independence from an alien mess", Corden sang, referring to "Independence Day". "In Thor: Ragnarok, his performance was classic".

Ariana Grande saw the video and was immediately drawn to the book. There was also a healthy amount of simple flattery, "he's our silver fox with black thick-rimmed glasses. The way that he talks will charm off your asses". "It's for a friend, promise".

"That journal with all the pictures of me... have you had that for a while?"

"No... I'll get rid of it", Corden says bashfully.

Grande's "Thank U, Next" music video was released last week and has already broken records on YouTube.